Mid-workshop excursions on Friday May 9th, 2014:

There will be three alternative route tours. Please select the excursion which you would like to participate and give this information while registering in the workshop.

Route 1: Primeval forests of the Aremonio-Fagion in South-eastern Slovenia

The excursion will take place in the Kočevska region. A fairly strenuous walk will be done on the edge of the primeval forest reserve of Rajhenav. This area is considered to be one of the glacial refugia of beech, wherefrom it spread over to a great part of Europe. You will have the opportunity to see different developmental phases (initial, optimal, terminal, phase of decay) of the fir-beech forest (Omphalodo-Fagetum). Later on, a visit to a settlement of barracks called “Baza 20” is foreseen in the afternoon, one of the headquarters of resistance during the Second World War, hidden deep in the forest.

Route 2: Sub-Mediterranean dry grasslands of the Scorzonero-Chrysopogonetalia

The excursion will take place in the coastal part of Slovenia. A walk through the typical landscape of Karts is planned. It will start at the Karstic edge (Kraški rob) and will finish in the settlement of Podpeč. You will be able to see the endemic vegetation of the order Scorzonero-Chysopogentalia and various stages of abandonment (afforestation). Later on, a visit of the church in Hrastovlje is foreseen in the afternoon, the marvellous 15th-century Romanesque Holy Trinity Church. One of the most remarkable frescos in the church is the Danse Macabre illustrating the powerlessness of both poor and rich before Death.

Route 3: Wet meadows of the Molinietalia in the Southeast of Slovenia.

The excursion will take place in the south-eastern part of Slovenia. We will visit the wet meadows in the complex of Krakovo floodplain forest complex. After lunch it is foreseen a visit to Kostanjevica na Krki, a town situated on an island in a bend of the river Krka, at the foot of the Gorjanci Hills. In the afternoon we will visit Jovsi, an extensive floodplain lying along Slovenian eastern border alongside the River Sotla. Here natural conditions poses a high level of ground water; hydromorphic soil once outgrowing floodplain forest. Today the area is dominated by marshy and wet grasslands, interspersed with bands of riparian vegetation, bushes and isolated loggerhead willows and alder.

Post-Workshop excursion on Monday May 12th, 2014:

Wet meadows (the same as the Route 2) and dry grasslands of South-eastern Slovenia.

During the morning period we will visit the area of Krakovo floodplain forests (as in the route 3). In the afternoon the excursion will take place in the Gorjanci mountain range in the area Planina pri Podbočju. Here we will be able to see continental dry grasslands (in Slovenian sense), dominated by Bromus erectus, Carex humilis and Arrhenatherum elatius.

The number of participants is limited for each excursion due to logistic reasons, therefore in case of need some participants will be shifted to other route (excursion).

At the registration desk, lists of participants for the three excursion routes will be displayed. Please check these lists in order to assure that you get into the right bus.

The meeting point and exact time of departure will be reported later.

Please wear adequate clothing and footwear. For Mid-workshop excursion Route 3 (Wet meadows) and Post-workshop excursion boots are recommended. Lunch and water will be provided.